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If we want to create and sustain vibrant communities and a strong economy, the next generation of young Americans must be well prepared for higher education, careers and life.

For most people, youthful mistakes are a part of growing up. For those of us who have the advantages of social and financial supports, these mistakes do not follow us into adulthood. For many disadvantaged youth, their chances to bounce back and avoid long term negative consequences are often absent, but they deserve the same opportunity to get back on their feet.

All young people deserve the opportunity to succeed-including those that have made poor choices in their youth. Our Urban Youth Empowerment Programs work to give disadvantaged and at-risk youth the skills that they need to succeed-economically and in life.

How we approach this work is equally important.

  • Our programs are inclusive rather than exclusive, and operate from the "bottom up" rather than the "top down".
  • We see our clients as resources, not problems. We help them identify and tap into their strengths to address their deficits.
  • No one is turned away. We meet them where they are and work with them to get them back on track and help change their lives for the better.

Our programs focus on:

Comprehensive approaches. Although education and employment are key to economic success, we also address those social conditions that can be barriers to progress. The League assists with food and housing insecurity, child care needs, and other social services participants may need to focus on reaching for their goals.

Accountability. From initial assessment, our program gives young people the lead voice in planning for their own education, career, and life success. Our program is built on values that teach and advance accountability. Our program participants are accountable to themselves, their families and their communities for their actions and results-whether positive or negative. Their individualized plans are self-determined, making them part of their own solutions.

Education and Training to enable participants to complete their basic education and move on to higher education or prepare for skilled occupations.

Multiple pathways to success.

Our programs offer multiple options and multiple opportunities for moving forward. Not everyone is ready to take full advantage of the tools we offer. Changing attitudes takes time but when they are ready, so are we. No single program or approach will work for every disconnected young person, and not every such youth will be ready to take advantage of the opportunity when first presented with a chance to get back on a path to success. Because life-changing shifts in personal goals and attitudes take time, multiple options for moving forward are essential for older teenagers and young adults.

We believe in second chances.

For almost 100 years, The League has been helping young people get back on track.  The majority go on to lead positive lives, making valued contributions to their families and the communities where they live and work.

We will never give up on our youth.  Our investments in our young people are both worthy and wise.  After all, today's youth and young adults will determine the richness of our shared future.

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