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ULEC has established deep roots in the community throughout the years, and has built important partnerships with cooperative, educational, and residential communities. ULEC has had long term involvement and success with employment and training, one-stop services, and other relevant projects that remain prevalent today. In workforce development, ULEC along with its’ partners have developed and provide an array of customized trainings and workshops as well as education and literacy services that lend support to career pathways that help to increase income earning opportunities for Essex County residents.

  • ULEC serves over 500 individuals in our existing workforce initiatives.
  • ULEC is well recognized among local residents and community leaders for its work-readiness programming and support services.
  • ULEC has built strong alliances with over 100 partnering business and agencies and an established great track record within Essex County.
  • ULEC is listed as a New Jersey Training Provider Site offering trainings in industry clusters thatinclude; Retail, Hospitality and Tourism, Construction and Utilities, and Information Technology.
  • UELC has worked long and hard in building strategic relationships with employers; ULEC has established excellent working relationships with over 200 local employers.
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With 100 years in providing employment services, ULEC has been the go-to company for employers that are looking for the right candidate.  With a diverse applicant pool, ULEC can match the right applicant with the specific job requirements.  With over 200 employer partnerships and a proven track record of satisfied partners, ULEC has become one of the leading job placement organizations in Essex County. With wrap around services, a retention program, and industry recognized certificate training programs and partnerships, ULEC takes the work and cost out of hiring.

ULEC’s employment center includes professional staff who focus on business development (securing employer partners) and job development (delivering client skill sets and matching them with appropriate jobs).  We maintain relationships with private employers, industry groups and provide one on one career coaching to ensure the most appropriate client placements.

urban league of essex county partners


  • Qualified Applicants.  No fee pre-screening and recruitment.  Take the employment work and cost out of hiring.
  • Targeted Applicants.  Each applicant is matched to specific job requirements.
  • Customized training for select employers. ULEC offers personalized training programs targeted to meet your employee’s needs.


  • No associated cost with hiring staff to recruit applicants.
  • ULEC has a large network of available workers.
  • Participation may qualify your company for workforce investment tax credits
  • Ongoing training made available to ULEC candidates as part of ULEC’s job placement retention program at no cost.

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Ms. Alice Frazier


Workforce Development

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