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RPM and ULEC are presenting a proposal to develop Package A, A1, B, C, and D. By working together, RPM and ULEC bring a deep knowledge of residential and community development and an in-depth familiarity with the Fairmount neighborhood. The development team consulted with Inglese Architecture + Engineering to develop a comprehensive site plan that takes into consideration the surrounding scale and architecture of the neighborhood.

At the same time, the site plan and architectural design of the townhomes and larger multifamily buildings seek to revitalize an underutilized neighborhood block. ULEC and RPM hope to transform this Fairmount Commons area into a lively, sustainable, and desirable neighborhood where residents can connect with each other to create a community.


In partnership with ULEC OC, RPM proposes the development of 145 units of mixed-income, mixed-use housing across the three sites (“packages”). The 3 buildings are proposed as a single phase of development. Package A will consist of a 8-story 74-unit building with a ground floor early childhood education center to be operated and managed by ULEC. The building will include a mix of one, two and three- bedroom units as well as a fitness center and outdoor terrace on the 8th floor with NYC-skyline views. 20 partially-covered parking spaces and 20 bicycle spaces will be provided on-site for residents and staff.

Package A1 will consist of a 5-story 20-unit building with ground floor commercial space, bicycle parking and outdoor resident amenity space.  The building will include a mix of studio, one, two and three-bedroom units.

Package D will consist of a 4-story 51-unit building with ground floor residential amenity space, 8 parking spaces and 16 bicycle spaces. The building will contain a mix studio, one and two-bedroom units.

Across the 3 buildings, 55% of the units (75 units) will be affordable and 45% of the units (66 units) will be market rate.  Each building will aspire to meet LEED certification and will be furnished with EnergyStar appliances to further enhance energy efficiency.  The units will feature in-unit washers and dryers, hardwood floors, and spacious interior layouts.  The modern kitchens will feature stainless steel appliances and custom cabinetry. Residents will benefit from green features such as low flow fixtures, low/no VOC finishes, and individual heating and cooling in each unit.

This comprehensive community development approach will bring a stable source of income diversity and economic mobility to the neighborhood.  The ground floor childhood education center and ground floor commercial uses will fill a critical need in the community, and will help to activate the existing streetscape. This transformative development project will work in concert with the proposed homeownership phase for Packages B and C.

7 Reasons You Should Buy a New or Substantially Rehabilitated Home From the Urban League of Essex County

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions and life altering investments you will make. Whether to buy a fixer-upper, a gently lived-in previously owned home or a new construction or substantially rehabbed home are the choices you face. While aresold home or fixer-upper may cost less up front, the money you save now may go toward hidden future costs and repairs.

Meanwhile, our homes come with modern amenities and perks that can’t be found in older homes. Below are just a few of the benefits of buying a new home from the Urban League of Essex County. In keeping with our mutual goals with the National Urban League to ensure that every American child will be ready for college, work and life by 2025, we are committed to delivering innovative programs to support academic achievement, civic involvement, and the physical and emotional development of children and youth.

#1 - New Appliances, New Everything

When you purchase a new home, everything in the home is also brand new — including all your major appliances, roof, water heater and more. You’ll be getting the newest, best appliances in your kitchen, bathrooms (not to mention heating and air), so you won’t have to worry about how soon you may need a costly replacement.

#2 - Energy Efficiency

In the past, many older homes weren’t equipped with green features and appliances.

New homes are often built under stringent energy standards and codes, so you can look forward to lower electric and gas bills.

The Urban League of Essex County is building homes with the environment in mind, using practices that are both good for your family and the rest of the world, too.

#3 - Fewer Repairs

Did we mention everything is new?

When you purchase a lived-in home, you inherit the wear and tear of previous owners. With a new construction home, you can look forward to worry-free years of not repairing a leaky roof, fixing the screen on the lanai or dealing with those squeaky kitchen cabinets —which means more time and money for the important things in life.

#4 - Low Maintenance

Today’s cutting-edge homes are built with floor plans and layouts that reflect the way we live, and they're also made out of materials that are built to last —especially if you’re buying from a trusted community organization like the Urban League, whose mission is to promote social and economic self-sufficiency.

Many of the latest materials and building systems require less care and maintenance, as opposed to the mystery materials an older home would be made of.

#5 - Warranty Coverage

One of the biggest perks of buying a new home is everything is under warranty from the construction to the appliances.

At the Urban League, we offer our homebuyers a 10-year full structural warranty and a 2-year mechanical warranty on all our homes, with 1-, 6-and 11-month service inspections available.

In addition to those, you’ll get a 5-year exterior paint warranty and a 5-year General Electric Factory warranty on all kitchen appliances.

#6 - Safety Features

Older homes are more likely to come with risks like outdated, toxic paints or flammable building materials.

A new home will be up-to-date on modern safety standards, including safer circuitry, appliances with friendlier coolants and fewer toxic elements, and fire-safety features such a flame-retardant carpet and hard-wired fire alarms.

#7 - Higher Resale Value

When you find the perfect home, you don’t want to imagine moving out but, life happens, from new jobs to family changes.

Should you decide to move, the resale value of your newer home will likely be higher than one that has been lived in multiple times.

Not only will the features and appliances in a newer home be more modern and less heavily used, but you will also spend less time and money making repairs to your home in an effort to resell.

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Homes from the Urban League of Essex County

If you’ve decided a new construction home is right for your family, we’d love to help you find the perfect ULEC home of your dreams. We have a number of homes on Fairmount Avenue with multiple floor plans to suit any family’s size or budget.

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