We  Believe that a rigorous, quality education is essential to prepare all American children to fully participate in our knowledge-based, 21st century workforce and global economy.

For nearly 100 years, the Urban League of Essex County has worked to bring quality educational opportunities to African-American and disadvantaged children and youth. Our education and youth development programs seek to instill a love of learning and pride in academic achievement at an early age and nurture those attitudes to create lifelong learners and strivers.

In keeping with our mutual goals with the National Urban League to ensure that every American child will be ready for college, work and life by 2025, we are committed to delivering innovative programs to support academic achievement, civic involvement, and the physical and emotional development of children and youth.

Urban League of Essex County

Early Childhood Center

Quality, NAEYC-Accredited, full day programs for early learners prepare students for success in school and let working parents be worry-free while on the job.

Newark Kids Code

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills build the foundation for success for the next generation of American workers.  Yet, urban and low-income children rarely have the opportunity to build them in ways that enable them to compete for high-demand, high-reward opportunities.  We are working to close this "opportunity gap" with disadvantaged middle school students.

Job Readiness for Teens

For many urban teens, summer jobs and employment opportunities provide much needed income, keep them constructively engaged and out of harm's way, and expand their world view.  ULEC provides job readiness training and job placement assistance for high school students through targeted programs in schools.