ULEC Tech House

A 24/7, 365 Resource to Create the Next Generation of STEAM Warriors

This educational initiative is designed to introduce technologically disadvantaged and under represented youth to programming, (or "coding"), and other digital and computer technologies.

Our program includes field trips and life skills education designed for middle and high school youth to help them develop critical thinking and decision-making, communication skills, self management and self-discovery.  We want all youth to see the possibilities they can have by making smart choices in their lives.

Newark Kids Code participants gain a variety of STEAM skills and valuable enrichments through this program including:

  • Career exploration
  • Goal Setting Frameworks
  • Education Guidance
  • The ability to explore their own feelings, goals, and decision making processes

In The News

 Urban League of Essex County (ULEC)

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The Urban League of Essex County, along with state and local officials and development partners, will mark the completion of its Tech House with a ribbon cutting and community celebration on Thursday, September 30, at 11am.

The Tech House will serve as the blueprint for grassroots bridging the digital divide in urban and underserved communities by providing highspeed broadband access and technology education to development and revitalization in Fairmount Heights and beyond.  This is an on the ground and in the community example proposed in the National Urban League’s approach to digital equity: https://nul.org/program/lewis-latimer-plan

Elements include:

·         High Speed Broadband Access

·         Laptop and desktop computers

·         3D printers; robotics kits

·         Programmable drones

·         Filmmaking, broadcasting

·         Video production equipment

·         Virtual reality laptops and workstations

·         Industry-recognized certifications in web site development

The Urban League of Essex County acquired the property at 152 Littleton Avenue for the National Community Stabilization Trust Fund.  With funding from the NJ Department of Community Affairs, Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program, the Urban League has restored this magnificent Victorian asset to productive use in the community.  The house was a construction training lab for individuals in the Urban League’s construction training program to gain plumbing, carpentry, and electrical skills.  Investors in the restoration through the state’s NRTC program (NRTC) include Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, PSE&G, and Valley National Bank.  The Urban League partnered with the City of Newark, Invest Newark, and the NJ Department of Community Affairs to create a technology training and education resource for the community.

Opened today with a celebratory ribbon cutting, The Tech House will provide computer literacy training to Newark residents, provide a community resource to anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of digital technology, and provide NJIT students pursuing tech education with hands-on experience teaching STEAM skills to middle and high school students.

Invest Newark’s technical partner, GigXero, installed Newark Fiber at The Tech House, bringing high-speed, low-cost internet service to its participants. Newark Fiber is an innovative program that offers Gigabit and 10 Gigabit internet connections in participating residential and commercial buildings, recreation centers, parks, on the streets, and eventually in single family homes.

Ribbon cutting and community celebration to celebrate Tech House launch

Thursday, September 30, 2021 - 11 am - 12:30 pm EST

Vivian Cox Fraser, President & CEO, Urban League of Essex County
Marc Morial, President & CEO, National Urban League
Mayor Ras J. Baraka, City of Newark
Bernel Hall, President & CEO, Invest Newark

152 Littleton Avenue, Newark, (near 13th Avenue)


NJIT Joins Urban League of Essex County to Teach Kids How to Code (NJIT: December 2017)

District and Charter School Students Come Together to Learn Coding (NJ Tech Weekly; November 2015)

Newark Students Learn How To Code and Think Big (NJ.com;

For more information:

Darrin S. Sharif

ULEC Chief Administrative Officer

Program Director, Newark Kids Code + Tech House

Program Director, Neighborhood Revitalization

(973) 624-9535 x204

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